You ARE Save With The Lord.

Jesus has RISENFor Christians, it is awesome to experience the thrill that accompanies being carried in the savior’s mighty hands. Conversely, it’s a most dreadful thing to face life’s challenges without the saviour. Deuteronomy 33:27

Jesus is a refuge and a shepherd true to those who by repentance have buried their sins and by faith have received his atoning forgiveness.

A dear saint once told the story of how she went through the roughest times of life but eventually came out triumphant. Later in a dream the Lord took her through the hand journey and the eventual victory. Isaiah 40:11.

She saw two sets of footprints on the sand for much of the journey; they signified the Lord walking by her side. In patches along the journey however, especially at those most stormy points, she saw only one set of footprints. “Lord” she cried, “why did you seem to consistently leave me alone in my toughest hours? see, there is only set of footprints!”  “Daughter”, the Lord calmly replied, “those footprints are mine. In those difficult moments, I was carrying you. ” Are you born again? Rest in Christ’s love and He ‘II carry you through life’s storms.

Storms are heaven’s staircase to victory when Jesus is near.


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