You Are In The Hands of God.

For instances when danger comes near your eyeball, it blinks the eyelids to protect it. In the same way God protects His own children from harm.

When you have a thriving relationship with God, you are “kept as the apple of His eye” [Zechariah 2:8].

God warned Laban not to harm Jacob as well as Job. He also warned nations concerning Israel, “saying touch not mine anointed , and do my prophets no harm” {Psalm 105:15}

God is concerned about the safety of his saints, and He is ever watching over them anytime and anywhere. He will not allow evil to befall you .

Our God is a consuming fire

Wherever you find yourself as long as you are in the hands of God, do not fear the evil ones, such as demons, evil men and women. Remember, you are kept by His invisible power and watched by His all seeing eyes. so relax, God is in charge of your life. Proverbs 11:8.

The lord orders the steps of the righteous. Job 5:19-24. 


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