Three Big Questions

Do you know that only three questions will determine the shape of your eternal destiny?  John 18:37.

They are: WHO AM I?. WHY AM I HERE?. WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE?  They are so simple, so basic and yet so significant.

You have not started  living, only existing, until you answer all three questions properly. 

Dr Myles Munroe, an author and preacher, wrote “The greatest tragedy in life is not death but life without reason…to be alive and not know why you were given life. 

Jesus answered all three questions in a single sentence asked him towards the end of his life. But that had been the guiding principle all of his life. Little wonder he lived such a fulfilling life.

Youths struggle with all these problems: identity, purpose and goals. The best help in finding your way around is to ask one who has been there before. Come to Jesus in his word, He will give you purpose for living and hope for eternity. Luke 1:71-79.

His only Jesus christ that will give you a purpose for living. A life without christ is  a life with crisis. 


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