God Can Not Change

The only thing constant in this life or world is change.

*Fashions change.

*People change.

*Governments change.

*Names change.

*Working enviroment change.

*Religion change.

*Political parties change.

But God does not change, he is immutable. {James 1:17}.


4 thoughts on “God Can Not Change

  1. Hi OKAForJustice,
    I wrote this to you on my old blog. I’m not there anymore. I am pasting it here to make sure you see it:
    Hi OkaforJustice,
    1. You are having trouble research me since I changed blogs. I am no longer at Reflections. Please follow me over to MostlyBlogging.com so I know we can stay in touch and you can reach me and my information.
    2. When I moved to self-hosting, two women set up my new blog and transferred my WordPress readers to my .org site. It was not difficult, but I do not recommend the women. Merri Dennis is my tech helper now. She can help you. Her contact information is in my right sidebar at MostlyBlogging.com. Hoping to see you at my new blog.

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