Turn Away From Dream Killers

You must beware of dream killers, 1 samuel 17:29,30.

The fact is, you can do nothing about their existence. They will always be on hand to attack and bring down your dream. But when they show up you can do what David did: simply turn away. David had begun to nurse his dream of defeating Goliath and winning a great victory for his nation. He was sure he could do it. Somehow he seemed to have sensed that God had raised him up for particular assignment and at that time. Unfortunately, David’s elder brother Eliab didn’t share his excitement; instead, he laid grievous accusations him. Thankfully, the youthful but irrepressible dreamer refused to be intimidated. He simply “turned away” from the detractor and pressed on with his dream until it was actualized.

Don’t reason with those who oppose your God given dream. Neither argue with nor try to convince them, simply turn away, leave them in their unbelief, but you go ahead  and achieve your dream. They will soon sing your praise.

1 Thessalonians 4:11.


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