You And I

*How can you “SM_LE”

*Without “I”?.

*How can you be “F_NE”

*Without “I”?.

*How can you “W_SH”

*Without “I”?.

*How can you be “N_CE”

*Without “I”?.

*How can you be “FR_END”

*Without “I”?.

“I” Am very important! But this “I” can never Achieve “S_CCESS” nor can “LA_GH” without all of “U”, more important than “I”.

U & I work together to achieve greatly. I say thanks for being there through out the year 2016. I love U all.

U and I will not know sorrow in the coming years and beyond in Jesus Christ name Amen.


12 thoughts on “You And I

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