The Angel Of God Will Fight For You And You Shall Be Still

One night a girl was walking back home in the middle of the night, when she was kidnaped by two huge men.

They took her to a ware house, when they got there she found out that she was not alone in the ware house. There were 59 girls who were keepth in a small room, then the men added her to them.

She cryed but nothing changed, very early in the morning, all the girls were asked to get out of the room. These men would rape the girls and when their boss came, he told the girls that each of them will be sold out to rich men in 10 days from now and they will act as sex machine and work as housemaids, each one of them were shocked.

When it was the 9th day and the next day they would be sold, that night the new girl stood up and started praying, Lord Jesus Christ, send your angel to help us open the door and set us free, so that nor of us will be sold” they fell asleep.

Mid night this girl woke up and the door was opened, while the kidnappers were fast asleep, which was unusual.

She woke up the girls and they went back home free.

I pray for you reading this testimony, God’s angel will fight for you in this season in Jesus Christ name say Amen.

Psalms 91: 11.


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