Purposeful Partnership

What do you look for in a friend? Some youths make friends without a single thought given to what mutual benefits should come out of it. Even before I was born again I was clear headed as to what I wanted in a friendship. Here is what I mean: I was very good at Mathematics. But Chemistry was a bit of a hard nut for me to crack.

A classmate was struggling with Mathematics, but in Chemistry he was totally at home. So we formed a strategic partnership; he helped me with my Chemistry and I ran through Mathematics. The result was a win- win situation; we both did well in Chemistry and Mathematics.

Joab was a great warrior, but even great achievers often need the assistance from others to record greater successes. So he spoke the words in our text to a fellow warrior. A burden shared gets lighter. In your pursuit of academic and spiritual excellence, look for appropriate partners and do well together with them.

How is my present crop of friends making my life better?

All you need is a friend who can add value to your life, spiritually, materially and physically.

(2 samuel 10:9-14)


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