New Scam Alert

Please be aware that fraudsters have developed new software and devised a new means of defrauding people, as the former trick of sending an SMS telling you that your ATM has been deactivated due to system upgrade or BVN issues, is no longer working well for them because people are very aware of that trick now.

Their new trick now is to send you an email supposedly, to have been sent by your bank e-mail service informing you that you have been debited #2,000 as (subscription fee) for the bank’s monthly digest magazine and the charge will continue every month! And indeed, any info that you did not request or even requested.

To unsubscribe and cancel that deduction monthly from your account, you should click here (a link is given there) once you click the link, it will open up a page where you will be asked to supply your  bank details including ATM information.

That is now the info they need to enable them access and clearing up your account.

*Do not reply such E-MAIL.

*Do not click the link to cancel the magazine subscription.

Just ignore or delete the mail.

Your account is safe and nothing was deducted for any magazine.

You have been alerted.

Do well to alert more people, above all, don’t fall a victim.



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