Update on ILorin Couple’s Murder

Following investigations on the murder of an aged couple in Ilorin, Kware State recently, the state Police command said that it had arrested and detained a security guard hired to watch the house.

This is just as the sunday Tribune had gathered more facts on the dastardly incident.

Findings from a source close to the police said that the security guard was detained  because he could not offer explanation on how the couple were murdered.

The couple were killed on wednesday night in their home, located around Ecwa Church, lLorin while their corpses were reportedly dumped inside a well on the premises as the assailants allegedly went away with a Toyota Camry belonging to the deceased.

It was gathered that a family friend who came to look for the deceased alerted the Police that the couple were missing when they could not find them in the house. Police later discovered that the bodies had been dumped inside a well and the well cover locked with a new key.

The guard claimed he did not know that the couple were dead inside the house. When he resumed duty in the morning, he could not see that there a lot of disruptions to the home arrangements even from outside as you enter through the gate. More importantly, investigators want to know how he gained entry to the house when the owners were supposed to have been inside throughout the night. He claimed that he had an extra key given to him by the man of the house, but how come that, upon resuming for duty in the morning he could not go inside to announce his presence? The police  source said. Source also said that the couple were not shot as reported, but were clobbered by their assailants who later covered their faces with clothes, tied their hands separately before tying the two together and dumping them inside the well.

It was apparently a planned job because they came with a key with which they locked the well, which showed that they knew what they were coming to do . One of us who went to the scene insisted we check the well after we saw traces of blood but could not find the bodies until we did that and they were found inside,” the source said.

Some family members of the deceased couple declined to talk to journalists on saturday, as a son of the deceased said there was no need to discuss the matter with the media.


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