Don’t “Can” God!

Canned food in airtight metal containers is a common sight on our streets. But how do we explain men’s effort to “can” (that is, limit) the Almighty God? Psalms 78:19-20.

Unbelief is like inventing a CAN and putting God therein. Imagine the wonderful mircles of protection, provision and preservation the Israelites enjoyed from God.

And who would have thought that such peculiar people would attempt to limit God’s power to their pint-sized problems! Three times in as many sentences they asked, “can God?” Can He?” And I ask you my reader, “Can God?”

God can! He can do everything and anything. In fact the scriptures affirm that God can do “exceedingly, abundantly above all we ask or think”. In what ways have you tried to put God in a CAN in your life and circumstance? 

Have you faced a challenging situation and then panicked because you thought it was beyond God’s power? Why did you resort to sinful means to solve that problem? God cannot be limited.

You were saying, Can God? A simple re-arrangement is all you need: Put God before the “CAN” and you have “GOD CAN!”

Always pray, God  forgive us our past unbelief.



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