What Manner Of Man Is Jesus

* I went for shopping to get Jesus a present and this was what I have gone through. I wanted to buy him a (SHOE), but what kind of shoe can I buy, for a man that the earth Is his foot stool?.

*I considered getting him a three piece (SUIT) but what kind of suit will I give a man that his clothing filled the temple?.

* I thought of buying him (DINNER) but this man fed 5000 people with 2 fishes and 5 loaves of bread.

* I said maybe I should bake him (CAKE) but he sent manna from above.

* I settled to play him an (ORCHESTRA), but what kind of music can be compared to the host of Angels that continually sing his praise?.

* I wanted to give him a (TELEPHONE) but which network will you give a man that is everywhere at thesame time?.

* I thought of getting him a (TICKET) to ascend, but he just ascended like that, not needing an Aeroplane.

* I resolved for the best (WINE) but quickly remembered he turned water into wine.

* Okay (BINOCULARS OR CAMERA) but he sees even the inner most part of a man with his bare eyes.

* I wanted to give him (MONEY) but silver and Gold belongs to him.

* I could get him  (DESIGNERS PERFUME) but a much costly one was used for his feet.

I am short of words.


In my confused state, I heard a voice saying give him (THANKS, WORSHIP, ADORATION AND PRAISE).


Glory be to his holy name.


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