Libyan Plane Hijack

The plane took off from sabha at 11:10 local time (08:10 GMT) land in Malta two hours and 20 minutes later.

There were 111 passengers on board the Airbus A320, plus seven crew members.

The Airbus A320 which was flying from Sabha to Tripoli when it was diverted.

At least one man claiming to have a hand  grenade threatened to blow up the plane, according to local reports.

Initial information suggests the hijacker is trying to claim political asylum in Malta, the Mayor of Sabha, Colonel Hamed Al-Khayali told BBC.

A Libyan member of parliament who spoke to colleague on board the flight told Reuters news agency the demands were not known.

Col Khayali the Gov of Sabha said there was only one hijacker- although some reports say there are two.

The passengers like included 82 men, 28 women and one baby.

Malta’s Prime Minister has said only some passengers are released, the crew remain on board the domestic Afriqiyah Airways flight but it remains unclear how many hijackers there are. Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that his countries security forces were standing by.

May this be resolved in peace. Pray for them.


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