Are You A Slave?

Romans 6:16.

Out text for meditation today is saying that when you unquestioningly follow something or someone, you make yourself a slave of that thing or person. To whom do you owe allegiance. A slave has no will of his own; he is wholly under the control of another.

One can understand when slavery is forced on a person as was the case in Africa several hundred years ago. But how do you explain voluntary slavery?.

The drug addict is a voluntary slave because he or she has submitted to the overpowering control of a cruel chemical. Smoking and alcohol drinking youths are slaves of nicotine and the bottle. 

Are you a slave to the cunning control of a boy or girl friend, or you are a slave of the dark side of modern technology, pornography and endless TV viewing.

Jesus Christ came to set captives free. He said, “If the son …shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed”(John 8 : 36).

Break free from sin’s burden today by repenting and calling upon the Lord for salvation. Romans 6 : 19-23.

*Slavery to a vice leads to bondage.

*Always say, Lord set me free from all destructive influences.



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