German Minister Refused To Wear Hijab

The news treading in International blogs and portals now apart from Allepo is what is been called the ‘German offence’.

A German minister has refused to wear a hijab during a visit to saudi Arabia saying women should have the same right to choose their clothing as men.

Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen’s stand came a week after Chancellor Angela Merkel called for the burka to be banned. Von der Leyen was in Riyadh to meet Saudi deputy crown prince Salman Al-Saud, where she voiced her annoyance at the expectation that women cover up.

Her decision sparked anger on Twitter in Saudi Arabia and the Arab  and muslim world, called it an offence.

This forced Saudi Arabia to beef up security for her following  threats by online lslamists activists.

Though some muslim women, living in western countries voiced support for her.


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