What Ladies Need To Know In Dating

* After giving your virginity out, he will surely change and you will be the one begging for his love.

* Sex can never make him stay with you.

* Fighting another lady for snatching your guy is not maturity, you are fighting for who never loved you.

* Giving out your virginity as a way to prove your love is called foolishness.

* Proving that you are better than another lady will not lead you anywhere.

* Playing too much hard to get him, may change his mentality towards you.

* Ladies sex is not love.

* Men do not appreciate it when you easily accept them and men hate it when you play too hard to get, so make everything 50-50 thesame percent.

* If a man gets you pregnant, he will not suffer with you , only you will bear the shame and pains.

* Ladies Remember what happened, how you lose your virginity, how he dump you, also how he was serious about everything! But after giving him your body, he change and dump you. Can’t ladies be wise.

Well God created woman with just one rib from a man. But after reading this article learn to be wiser.

Well i don’t no if it change your life, i no many women will not comment on this article , i no truth is always bitter.

Please share this to educate others.


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