What Is In This Life.


(1) A man is born today.
   * Tomorrow he is dead.
(2) A man reads biology today.
   * Tomorrow a biography is being
       read of him.
(3) A man drives a car today.
   * Tomorrow an ambulance drives
(4) A man lives in a mansion today.
   * Tomorrow he lives underground.
(5) A man eats all kinds of fruits in
      house today.
   * Tomorrow he becomes manure
       to the trees.
(6) A man is seen resting in his
      house today.
   * Tomorrow he is resting in coffin,
      and they say (R.I.P)
(7) A man is always early for work
   * Tomorrow he is termed late Mr /
(8) A man eats whatever he wants
   * Tomorrow he becomes food for
      the maggots.
(9) A man is known today as the
      richest man ever.
   * Tomorrow he doesn’t even know
      where or what will happen to his
What is life after all. ?
Let Every Living Being Act Right And Live Godly.
Who is a failure? A failure is he that die without Jesus Christ.
Your maker is knocking the door of your heart today, examine your life, change your way cry now when your cry can still be heard, repent now that repentance is still meaning full.
Whatever you are enjoying now is temporal, your eternity begins after death.


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