Touching Story

A man’s wedding was on a saturday morning on thursday night before the wedding he dreamt that he was shot on his way back home after his marriage, he  went to his pastor to talk to him about the dream, his pastor told him that he had a revelation that his neighbour was planning with assasins to kill him on his wedding day, the pastor and some church members prayed for the man.

On saturday morning as he was getting prepared for the wedding his neighbour came and confessed how he had planned to kill him through assasins on his wedding day, after confessing, the neighbour died.

Now i declare in the name of Jesus christ,  every evil arrow, satanic attack and omen sent by the evil ones shall return back to the sender and the Almighty God will protect you and your family members and friends now and forever.

God has taken care of everything and protected you. Let me hear a big Amen.


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