I Love My Mummy

* At 4 yrs we say “mummy i love you.

* At 12 yrs we say ” mummy whatever.

* At 15 yrs we say “my mummy is so annoying.

* At 18 yrs we say “i am leaving this house.

* At 23 yrs we say “mummy you were right.

* At 30 yrs we say “i want to go to mummy’s house.

* At 50 yrs we say “i don’t want to lose my mummy.

* At 70 yrs we say “i would give up everything to have, my mummy here with me.

Know you only have one mum!! Like and comment ” I LOVE YOU MUM” or “R.I.P” if she is dead .

Ignore if you don’ t value your mum.


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