(1) What do we understand by the word courtship.
(2) In courtship we do not defile our body by premarital sex. 1corinthians 6:9-13,  2tim2:2.
(3) Courtship is a period when a man & woman are planning to get married that is traditional marriage.
(4) Nowadays the word courtship among we this generation is the issue of sex.
(5) There is this word that man always use, if you say you love me prove it, which is wrong.
(6) Sex before marriage is a lust and is against God and against your own body as well, 5 minutes enjoy.
(7) No man will like to marry a woman whom he had have sex with several times so ladies no marriage no sex please.
(8) Sex is gift from God for married couples to enjoy so friends in Christ wait and marry to enjoy sex with your partner to the fullest.


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