Single Parent

As a single parent, you can’t just date anybody. Expecting everyone you meet to accept you the way you are is an unrealistic expectation.

Stop forcing people to accept you as you are, at the end they accept only a part of you and you feel they have accepted everything, then trouble begins to loom.

The person that truly want you don’t need you to pay acceptance fee.

A lady got married and joined her husband in south Africa but did not tell him she had a child outside wedlock, she kept the child who is now a teenager in the village with her parents, hide it from her husband, this year made it 11 years herself and her family kept it a secret from her husband and facebook did her the honour of revealing everything.

Imagine finding out your spouse has a teenager she never told you about, you got to know through facebook (Facebook has expose many secrets since it was created). Now her husband will be blackmailed into accepting the child to prove his love. Even when he truly doesn’t. Nobody deserves that. No chuld deserves that.

A youth categorically said he loves dating single mothers because they are very tolerant, obedient, submissive as they have  NO CHOICE.

Another said you can date a single mother and leave her anytime nobody will blame you or say you did a bad thing because there is nothing worst than what the father of her child did to her.

These men above represent a lot of men out there .

Single father have their own fair share of   such coming from some women, it is not easy dating, falling in love, and doing all of those stuff people in love do as a single parent by now reality is supposed to be ringing in your ears that you are the number one fan of your kids. Your acceptance is all that matters, you don’t need to beg anyone to accept your kids.

Don’t force anyone on them or them on anyone , they see and hear things , tomorrow they become adult they will on  so look for people to accept them because all their life their daddy or mummy did the same thing.

When people walk away from you because they feel your baggage is too heavy, then stop look at your self like a plague or feel your kids are your problem.

Stop saying or making decision  I HAVE NO CHOICE in life, stop saying  I HAVE NO CHOICE in relationship, yes you have a choice.

The choice to remain single and enjoy life as it comes or not settle for anything less. You deserve a good person, every good person does, remember it is not every body that accept your kids that is good also not every good person must accept your kids, they have the right to choose, you have the right to walk away.

A good person that is ready to be with you understands you are not alone you have kids that does the magic.

The society calls you a second hand and you believe that, you truly believe that, you think you are less?.

Everyone has been screwed one way or the other by life.

Having said that , never deny or hide your kids for any reason and stop acting attracting pity to yourself. it can be so irritating.

If you know any single parent or sibling that want to hide it from the partner, advise them if they refuse, let the car out of the bag… They will thank you later.

The way you see and carry yourself determine how people sees you.

Your life can be so peaceful and easy, why do you complicate it?.


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