Make Someone’s Life Better

Most individual look  at event from the angle of “what will i achieve”? There is a joy, however, that none but sacrifice individual can experience, the joy of having made someone’s life better.

Waves of such joy have swept  over Jonathan as he replaced David’s plain dress with his own royal robes. 1 Samuel 18:4.

Have you sacrificed anything for anyone these days?

A Nigerian folk tale has it that a small boy once came across a dyke on his way to school.(A dyke is a concrete wall built alone the shore of a sea or beside a river to hold back the water and prevent flooding). This boy noticed a slight leak as water trickled in through a small hole in the dyke. Knowing that the leak would soon become bigger and floodwater could         sweep away his whole town, the boy plugged the hole with his finger and remained there until help came several hours later.

His self sacrifice saved a whole community. You too, can do something for others today.

True love is finding your joy in the joy of others. John 15:12-14.



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