Can You Wait

A lady visted her fiance, entered the house greeted and hugged him. After she  rested for 1 hour, the lady unzipped her clothes, removed her clothes and she was left with only bra and undies nearly naked, after that the following discussions took place.

LADY- Darling please make love to me.

FIANCE- No dear, i wont make love to 

                  you please.

LADY- Am i not sexy enough? You can 

              see, am half naked, please make 

              love to me i beg you.

FIANCE- Yeah you are sexy but please 

                   put on your clothes please i 

                   don’t want to have sex please.

LADY- (She removes her bra) darling 

              please i beg you, have sex with 


FIANCE- No put on your clothes, i am in

                  the mood but i won’t make love

                 to you.

LADY- Darling you don’t love me ?

FIANCE- Dear i love you so much , please I want to wait till our wedding night, pls dear put on your clothes. Let us wait till our wedding night, before we can have sex, i love and respect your body, the lady put back her clothes without having sex that day.



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