Difference Between A Girl And A Woman


WOMAN – can manage a home with
                the little she has.
GIRL – can not manage a home.
WOMAN – will observe for a while,
                    and then call her man’s
                    attention to the matter
GIRL – complain too much or often.
WOMAN – knows how to contribute.
GIRL – knows how to demand.
WOMAN – measure her man’s worth
                    by his level of wisdom,
                    the fear of God and how
                    disciplined he can be to
                     wards finances.
GIRL – measure her man’s worth by 
             the weight of his pocket.
WOMAN’S – priority is to take care of
                       is man.
GIRL – will never ask how he
WOMAN – will consider her man’s
GIRL – will keep up with trends.
WOMAN – helps her man to plan.
GIRL –  is not considerate.
WOMAN – is sacrificial, loyal,
                    Oriented and family
GIRL – is naturally childish, selfish
            and short sighted.
WOMAN – endures until they can
                   both attend to their needs
                   as at when possible and
GIRL – wants everything now.
You have to grow from being a girl to a woman, to be able to handle your home, family, relatives, in-laws and the society at large.


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