Such A Wicked World


So touching.
A old woman named Koko had five children, three boys and two girls.
The five children grow up with her after the dead of her husband.
She took care and sponsored her children to school with hard farm work, two of her children had the opportunity to travel abroad where they were doing very well for themselves.
After 2years they build mansion in their village for the mother and siblings. After some months, they build the house, devil entered into their family. Their sister died after 3 months with unknown sickness and one brother followed after, after a year, within a year and 3months 2 children died in one family.
No one knew where to point finger and who was behind their death.
Mama Koko was left with just a daughter in the village and the ones abroad became afraid of coming back home.
After a year one of the son was brought back dead from abroad, the whole village broke down and they went finding the cause! But nobody was found guilty.
Mama Koko was left with two children one home the other abroad.
After a year the son abroad became very sick and the mother was always crying, saying “if i eat all my children who will bury me”?
Koko called her daughter in and began to confess to her, saying my daughter please listen to me very well. Your brother abroad is going to die tonight her daughter was shock and confuse asking questions why, when and how?.
The mother explained to her that the only way the brother can be free is for her (mother) to die first and told her daughter how to kill her and free the only son.
She told the daughter that by mid night they will travel to American to bring back the brother as a goat. They use spider webs to travel to any county they want and return the same night, I killed all my children, she has a mirror, she use to watch every movement and progress of her children, she cried.
She point her hand to a bottle behind her bed and instructed her to stay awake and watch the bottle that by mid night smoke will come out from the bottle. When she sees the smoke, that means she is leaving for America to kill the brother. She said, when it is 12:00A m, she should break the bottle.
The daughter stayed and watched till 12 mid night, the bottle open up its self and smoke started coming out and she hit the bottle and broke it. Mama Koko did not see the next morning some women and men died the same night, meaning the bottle that was broken is their plane, after it was broken all the witches in side died.
If you can say Amen.
I pray for you reading this.
Every monitoring mirror be broken.
Every witchcraft power, wheresoever he or she might be,be destroyed in Jesus name.
Any one waiting to use you for any sacrifices will use him or herself.
Those that saw the day you where born will not see the day of your death.
Just type Amen.


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