So Silent In Bed


* Wife thinking.
Why is he not talking to me?
Is he thinking of another woman?
Is he seeing some one else?
Don’t I look good to him anymore?
Is he trying to dump me?
Is he now finding me ugly?
Does my makeup repel him these days?
He didn’t speak with me since he came back?
I know is mother does not like me, may be they are arranging another wife for him?
Is this how I will end up a single mother?
God please save my marriage.
A thought *WHY IS HE UPSET *?
She gathered courage and ask him.
* Honey why did you not talk to me?
What did I do to deserve all this with tears on her eyes…
* The husband turned and look at her with red eyes and angry face, then angrily responded… How on earth could Manchester united allow Chelsea disgrace them that way.
Some times people worry over _ _ _ NOTHING.


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