(1) God’s rescue doesn’t always come the moment we want it. God knows the best time to act. When you feel God has forgotten you in your troubles, remember that God has a time scheduled which we can’t see. Ex 2:23-25. Acts 7:34, Ex 3:7.

Don’t Feel (FORGOTTEN)
(2) When you feel God has abandoned you, check your life to see if there is anything he told you to do which you did not do. You may not receive new guidance from God until you have acted on the previous direction he gave to you. 1sam. 7:1-11, Isa 59:1,2.

Don’t Disobey  GOD
(3) To be paralyzed by fear is an indication that you question God’s ability to take care of you. Psalms 23:1
Don’t be (AFRAID)
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