Let’s Look Closely At This Matter Carefully.


(1)Breath of life is free.
(2)Christ’s salvation is free.
(3)Church entrance is free.
(4)Eternal life is free.
(5)God’s love is free.

(A)Alcohol you pay.
(B)Cigarette you pay.
(C)Night club entrance fee you pay.
(D)Prostitution you pay.
(E)Power to rule the world you pay.
Then why are people paying for hell while paradise is free?
Think Twice.
Believe in Christ and you shall be saved.
We always think of;
Valentine’s day.
Father’s day.
Mother’s day.
Children’s day.
Farmer’s day.
Teacher’s day.
Christmas day.
Independence day.
Boxing day.
Day in day out.
Have you ever thought of judgement day, is it to be a day of celebration or condemnation for you?
If you are saved, what about your friends and loved ones?
Show them love by telling them about the judgement Day.
Please share this to your loved ones.
Please don’t say later, do it now for tomorrow may be too late.


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